Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are usable in versatile ways - as a healthy food or as biodegradable lubricants and fuels.

Even the waste products of the process can be used as animal feed. Wellmann Engineering provides innovative, high-technology and customized equipment for vegetable oil processing. A special expertise Wellmann has in the construction of plants for rapeseed oil processing. In the extraction of high-quality vegetable oil the gentle filtration is a decisive point.

Wellmann provides filtration solutions for the best product quality. For a natural product with the highest content and taste requirements, it is indispensable in the manufacturing process to comply with technologically flawless refining by degumming, bleaching or deodorization. Wellmann provides technology at the highest level.

Our competencies:

  • Filtration of vegetable oils
  • Decanter
  • Tank storage
  • Refining of oils by degumming, bleaching or deodorizing
  • Dressing system