Services|Everything relating to your plant engineering and process technology

Maintenance, service and assembly are the most important core services of the Wellmann Service division.

We also provide other services to complete the range of services relating to the service world in the field of plant engineering and process technology. Wellmann Engineering provides support for process and plant safety in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in particular through qualification, validation, calibration and remote service technologies.


Qualification and validation

The manufacture of products in the pharmaceutical or food sectors is increasingly subject to detailed regulatory requirements and must comply with IFS, FDA or European standards. These plants almost always require validation. As a plant operator, you must demonstrate for this that, within your entire process control technology, you work in accordance with specifications and your work can be reproduced.

We have taken these requirements into account in all phases of the qualification. We are at your disposal at any time during the design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) phases.

Our expertise:

  • Description of the entire planning phase for the DQ in order to comply with all overarching guidelines and laws including SIL, ATEX and WHG.
  • Specific work instructions (SOPs) ensure not only that processing complies with GMP but a qualified system status is also maintained.
  • Carrying out and documentation of necessary tests
  • Qualification of components and systems as well as drawing up of qualification plans and reports
  • Validation and therefore documented proof of critical procedures and processes
  • Needs-based management of the documentation process and documentation structures
  • Software qualification/validation under GAMP
  • Drawing up of maintenance and calibration plans



Wellmann Engineering is an experienced specialist in the field of calibration and testing. Correct measurement is of fundamental importance in the company and for production and is a key element of industrial quality assurance.

We are always available as a partner to calibrate your system components and will perform the accuracy testing of measuring devices and analysis instruments for liquids at any time as a competent partner. In this way, we can contribute to quality assurance of production and compliance with quality requirements.


Remote service

Quick expert help reduces downtimes. Remote services form the basis for process optimisation and maintenance. With our IT services, we are able to manage any system in any location via the telecommunication networks. As part of the process optimisation and maintenance faults can be eliminated quickly and easily by this technology and adjustments made.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Worldwide and direct remote access via standard connections for the simple administration of your systems
  • Accelerated machine set-up and start-up
  • Connection via IP communication (mobile telephony/DSL) or other connections with secure access via VPN technologies
  • Quick way to change parameters or identify software errors
  • Transfer of files for software updates


  • You as the customer can break the connection to the machines at any time or actively manage access from your side.
  • Encrypted data transfer