Responsible corporate behavior is an important part of the philosophy and the management of Wellmann Engineering.

We are aware of our responsibility for the society.

Environmental and economic behavior as well as social responsibility is part of our corporate culture.

Environmental consciousness

Perfect process technology always requires the compliance of all environmental regulations and highest quality requirements. Wellmann Engineering ensures sustainable and efficient production processes.

In addition to the efficiently designed process concepts Wellmann Engineering cares about its own efficiency:

At its headquarter in Halle Wellmann Engineering produces electricity with a private rooftop solar system. The system includes over 200 m² of solar modules and produces about 17,000 kWh of electricity annually. The solar system supply the whole building with electricity.

Also, the heating of the water is climate-friendly supported by solar panels, thus ensures a climate-neutral workplace design at Wellmann Engineering.

Conserving resources

We as a company see it as our task to set our practices on highest quality and integrate environmental aspects.

Especially in the procurement and disposal management resource-efficient behavior is from high priority to us. We always try to keep the waste volume as low as possible and to reduce it steadily.

Also in terms of energy management we use sustainable processes. Our entire building is energy efficient and powered with electricity and hot water from our own solar system.

Social responsibility

Wellmann Engineering, as a medium-sized company, is rooted in its local region. We also assume responsibility for our employees and their families in the regions of our offices. Wellmann Engineering therefore supports various social projects.

We are always looking for projects that we support in the region. Wellmann Engineering currently supports the following projects:

  • Social youth work in Halle (Westfalen)
  • Youth work in Romania
  • Support for the flood victims in 2013 in Saxony - around Tangermünde
  • Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Support for the football union Ingelheim, 2. team
  • Support for the rebuilding of the Berlin City Palace