Benefit from our experience

For over 30 years Wellmann has stood for ground-breaking technologies and systems for numerous production processes.

The success story began in 1991 in the dairy industry, which allowed Wellmann Engineering to establish itself today as an internationally active and recognised process expert. Today, in addition to process engineering solutions for the dairy industry, Wellmann Engineering also develops solutions for the entire food industry, the beverage, confectionery, baking and meat industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry and brewery sector.

Process engineering innovations implemented in a flexible and committed manner are the Company’s trademark today. Wellmann is regarded as the problem-solver for customers and implements these with technical know-how and an instinct for effective and efficient processes.

Wellmann’s claim of constantly reinventing itself and providing the greatest potential for innovation is due to its highly motivated and competent specialists in the engineering, automation and service divisions. With the appropriate specialists and right concepts in each division Wellmann Engineering is able to implement highly complex projects for you – all from a single source!


The Wellmann Engineering Philosophy

“We make production processes…

…with joy and responsibility. “


Our commitment to the environment and social issues

Responsible corporate behaviour is an important aspect of Wellmann Engineering’s corporate philosophy and management.

We are aware of our responsibility in and for society.

Environmentally conscious, economic behaviour and social responsibility are therefore a must in our corporate culture.

Environmental awareness and Resource protection

Perfect process technology always requires the compliance of all environmental regulations and highest quality requirements. Wellmann Engineering ensures sustainable and efficient production processes. Especially in procurement and disposal management, resource-saving behaviour is a high priority for us. All processes here are coordinated with environmental aspects. We always try to keep the volume of waste disposal as low as possible and to constantly reduce it.

In addition to the efficiently designed process concepts Wellmann Engineering cares about its own efficiency: The roof of the factory hall at our headquarters in Halle (Westphalia) is completely equipped with solar panels.  The system has a module area of over 200 m² and generates around 17,000 kWh of electricity per year. This energy is mainly used for the building and production.

Likewise, the hot water generation is supported by the solar systems and ensures that the workplaces at Wellmann Engineering are largely climate-neutral.

Social responsibility

Wellmann Engineering, as a medium-sized company, is rooted in its local region. We also assume responsibility for our employees and their families in the regions of our offices. Wellmann Engineering therefore supports various social projects.

We are always looking for projects that we support in the region. Wellmann currently supports the following projects:



Foundation of Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Wellmann GmbH as an engineering and sales office for process engineering plants



Expansion of the engineering office and establishment of a service warehouse for the first time – 5 employees



Relocation and expansion of office and storage capacities – 8 employees


New office

New office and production site at the current location Künsebecker Weg 48, 33790 Halle (Westf.) – 23 employees



Development of the pharmaceuticals business sector – more than 40 employees for the first time



Opening of the first branch for the pharmacy sector in Kamen – 60 employees


New foundation

The Bad Frankenhausen and Wust branches are opened to improve market coverage in eastern Germany – 78 employees



Opening of the Riedstadt and Burgthann branches to improve market coverage in southern Germany



The branch in Wust is relocated to Tangermünde – 94 employees


Change of company name

Change of company name to Wellmann Anlagentechnik GmbH - The company positions itself as a global active service provider with the brand "Wellmann Engineering" and the Agenda 2020 - More than 100 employees for the first time



Expansion of office and production area in Halle (Westf.) – 125 employees



Reorganisation of the 3 business divisions "Engineering", "Automation" and "Service"



Expansion of the management to focus more consistently on relevant target markets – The management of Wellmann Anlagentechnik GmbH is expanded to include Thorsten Vogt – 135 employees



Foundation of the branch in Mittenwalde with production site – for the first time, our plants are also built and pre-assembled outside the headquarters – 140 employees



For 30 years Wellmann Anlagentechnik has stood
for innovation and progress