Engineering – Food

In the food industry, there are numerous products and processing alternatives – for milk up to meat processing.

Wellmann Engineering develops custom-made product procedural solutions, hygiene applications and product safety solutions. Thus, Wellmann Engineering has always optimized engineering processes in focus. Our product portfolio comprises of raw material receiving to plant cleaning up to the entire process technology.

Wellmann engineering complies with all national and international regulations and guidelines of food production. Only approved components are used.

Dairy technology

Milk is a sensitive and valuable resource – and an important part of the nutrition.

Dairy products contain high quality protein, minerals as well as considerable amounts of vitamins. Properties that must be preserved. The further processing of fresh milk must be taken under most gentle aspects.

Based on years of expertise in the dairy industry Wellmann Engineering offers from the raw milk reception to the systems for heating, cooling and cleaning everything, so that your milk processing can be performed to the most modern methods.

Wellmann engineering complies with all national and international regulations and guidelines of food production. Only approved components are used.

Veggie & Vegan

Our solutions for the production of vegan and vegetarian foods

The trend towards vegetarian and vegan diets is no longer a flash in the pan and many consumers will continue to change their eating habits in the coming years. This offers many new opportunities for the food industry.

Have you been thinking about expanding your product line for some time or are you currently still having initial difficulties with planning? Whether for the production of vegan milk alternatives, yoghurts, cheese or similar, it is important that you rely on the right partner for your process technology.

Wellmann Engineering offers many suitable solutions based on years of expertise in food production and, together with you, we develop innovative ideas further to the finished product. From planning and installation to commissioning of the respective plant, we offer a comprehensive package.

Chocolate processing

Process engineering from the cocoa bean to chocolate

Production of food comprises carefully scheduled and sophisticated processes. With us at your side the best possible technical processes are developed so your chocolate processes are optimal not only under the hygienic aspects, but also economically effective and efficient.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are usable in versatile ways – as a healthy food or as biodegradable lubricants and fuels.

Even the waste products of the process can be used as animal feed. Wellmann Engineering provides innovative, high-technology and customized equipment for vegetable oil processing. A special expertise Wellmann has in the construction of plants for rapeseed oil processing. In the extraction of high-quality vegetable oil the gentle filtration is a decisive point.

Wellmann provides filtration solutions for the best product quality. For a natural product with the highest content and taste requirements, it is indispensable in the manufacturing process to comply with technologically flawless refining by degumming, bleaching or deodorization. Wellmann provides technology at the highest level.

Bakery technology

Wellmann Engineering is at your disposal as a developer of complete systems for dough processing. Together with our partners, we can offer our customers expertise in all steps of dough processing and the associated automation technology.

We design individual process engineering solutions for you, from raw material acceptance to system cleaning, always taking into account hygiene standards and optimized production.