Quality made by Wellmann – Made in Germany

Quality secures the company's goals

Quality is an essential part of our corporate culture. It ensures that we remain a recognised, fair, efficient and flexible partner and achieve our corporate goals. It is a prerequisite for controlled growth and for securing the future of our company.

Customer-specific solutions

Our goal is to fully meet our customers’ expectations with our services. We want to fulfil the agreed services faultlessly, in high and constant quality, on time, according to economic aspects and for mutual benefit.

Continuous improvement process

We pursue a strategy of continuous improvement in all areas of our company, in our services and in our business processes. All employees are involved in this process. The management supports the continuous improvement process by providing resources.


The management aligns its actions with the requirements for quality management, provides the necessary resources and determines the effectiveness of all measures to improve the processes in the company. This action is supported by risk-based thinking.

Process-oriented actions

The management supports process-oriented actions at all levels. This is based on the principles of the PDCA cycle, which ensures the quality of current and new processes by planning, implementing, checking and acting on them.

Fact-based decisions

All decisions on changes and improvements in business processes are based on the analysis and evaluation of process-determining figures, data and facts. In this way, justifiable decisions are made that serve the positive development of the company.

Involvement of all interested parties

Our goal is to always meet the justified demands and expectations of interested parties with our services. We regard our suppliers as partners. We expect them to deliver their services in the agreed quality with a high degree of consistency, to meet the promised deadlines and to react flexibly to our wishes. We want to secure the company’s success in the long term through close employee loyalty and an open information policy within the company.

Acting in accordance with the law

We prevent and combat theft, fraud and bribery by introducing regulations within the company. Our daily actions are characterised by legally compliant conduct and serve to promote fair partnerships with our customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable action

During the performance of our services, we comply with the applicable environmental regulations and always strive to improve the company’s environmental performance. Our actions are determined by a conscious and sustainable use of all resources, taking into account economic aspects. With this awareness, efficient solutions are sought and implemented for us and our customers.

Social responsibility

We stand by our social responsibility towards our employees and the community. We are committed to the region and create secure jobs through our actions.

Health and safety

A safe and healthy working environment is a matter of course for us. To prevent danger and harm to employees, we regularly analyse the risks of all work processes and seek safe and reliable ways of working.

Equality and fair working conditions

All employees and applicants are treated equally. We treat each other with respect and show tolerance towards other views and lifestyles. Preference, exclusion or disadvantage on the basis of discriminatory aspects will not be tolerated. Our working conditions are based on the standards of Social Accountability 8000.

Willingness to change and further development

The ability to accept criticism and an open and constructive approach to mistakes form our basis for further development. Each of us is willing to learn and our leaders enable learning.

Our certifications

To ensure a consistently high level of quality and competence, we have ourselves audited every year by independent TÜV assessors.

These measures enable us to organise our processes efficiently and effectively, which is why our partners have trusted us for many years.

However, we also see our task as supporting our customers with optimal technical infrastructures and services to make their production-technical facilities and core processes more efficient and also to relieve their resources in the process.

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